The Little Christmas Tree with a Big Heart

This little Christmas Tree represents how I’ve come to appreciate the little blessings of life while God’s love grows large in my heart!

The little Christmas Lights on this little Christmas Tree represent the little delights of friendship I share with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, literary enthusiasts, enemies, haters and all, while God’s love blazes in my heart!

Merry Christmas to one and all! Irrespective of your take on this season, you’re in my thoughts and these thoughts will translate into tangible acts love for you whenever our paths cross.

Christmas love to you all!

PS: Please remember my brother who was taken by Boko Haram elements on Christmas Eve and killed five days later, on 29 December 2020.

I don’t know how he was buried in Sambisa Forest or where his grave is (his killers might have even forgotten where they dumped his body), but I know his soul is in his Maker’s presence!

I am going to try and keep back the tears but I can’t help sharing poems, from the time he was taken on Christmas Eve to the day I saw the horrible video of his killing! So watch this space!

PPS: Please forgive any offence on your sensibilities, but I’m gradually healing!