Personal Collections

  1. The Man Lived, Kairos Productions, 2004 (poems)




  1. Vultures in the Air: Voices from Northern Nigeria, edited by Zaynab Alkali and Al Imfeld, Spectrum Books, 1995
  2. 25 New Nigerian Poets, edited by Toyin Adewale; Ishmael Reed Publishing, 2000
  3. Passport to the New World, edited by Sunny Ayewanu; Apex Books Limited, 2001
  4. Uncle Bola’s Promise: an Abuja LiterraySoxiety anthology of poems and prose,complied by Victor Anoliefo; Fourcault Publishers, Netherlands, 2003
  5. Five Hundred Nigeria Poets, Volume One,edited by Jerry Agada; Aboki Publishers, 2005
  6. Dance the Guns to Silence: 100 Poems for Ken Saro-Wiwa, edited by NiiAyikwei Parkes and KadijaSesay; flipped eye publishing and African Writers Abroad, 2005
  7. Pyramids, an anthology of poems from Northern Nigeria, edited by Ismaila Bala Garba and Abdullahi Ismaila, Krafts Books Limited: 2008