Meet Kabura Zakama


Kabura Zakama started writing poetry at a tender age as a means of expressing himself. Along the years, he has come to see poetry as a calling and likes to be better known as a promoter of everything literature with a special focus on young writers and writing in indigenous languages.

His poetry started to grow after a defining workshop in Maiduguri in 1995 which produced Vultures in the Air: Voices from Northern Nigeria. He then flourished in the literary environment in Abuja as a member of the Abuja Literary Society (ALS), Association  of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and Abuja Writers Forum (AWF).

He has published his poems in several anthologies, the first being the aforementioned Vultures in the Air: Voices from Northern Nigeria, edited by Zaynab Alkali and Al Imfeld (1995). Others include 25 New Nigerian Poets, edited by Toyin Adewale (2000); Uncle Bola’s Promise, an Abuja Literary Society anthology of poems and prose, compiled by Victor Anoliefo (2003); Five Hundred Nigerian Poets, Volume One, edited by Jerry Agada (2005);Dance the Guns to Silence: 100 Poems for Ken Saro-Wiwa, edited by Nii Ayikwei Parkes and Kadija Sesay (2005) and Pyramids, an anthology of poems from Northern Nigeria, edited by Ismaila Bala Garba and Abdullahi Ismaila, Krafts Books Limited: 2008

In 1999, his unpublished collection of poems,  The Man Lived, won the ANA Poetry Prize. It was eventually published in 2004. His forthcoming collection, Chant of the Angry is due in 2021.

Born and raised in Garkida, Adamawa State in North East Nigeria, Kabura Zakama practised as a veterinarian before he built a career in international development and humanitarian practice. He worked for ActionAid Nigeria, Christian Aid, UNDP and joined the former Department for International Development (DFID), now Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) where he is currently Regional Coordinator for North East Nigeria. He is a capacity development and governance specialist with interest in marginalisation, vulnerability and voice.

His favourite hobby is country music and he loves watching cartoons and comedies as well as learning new languages. He likes travelling by road and trains and wherever he goes, he tries the local cuisine!

You’re welcome to the Kabura Zakama who loves to share his life one poem at a time!

Personal Mission Statement: Connecting greatness through empathy and creativity