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    My poetry started to grow after a defining workshop in Maiduguri in 1995 which produced Vultures in the Air: Voices from Northern Nigeria. I then flourished in the literary environment in Abuja as a member of the Abuja Literary Society (ALS), Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and Abuja Writers Forum (AWF). I have published my poems in several anthologies, the first being the aforementioned Vultures in the Air: Voices from Northern Nigeria, edited by Zaynab Alkali and Al Imfeld (1995). Others include 25 New Nigerian Poets, edited by Toyin Adewale (2000); Uncle Bola’s Promise, an Abuja Literary Society anthology of poems and prose, compiled by Victor Anoliefo (2003); Five Hundred Nigerian Poets, Volume One, edited by Jerry Agada (2005);Dance…